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What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come

27.8K Reads 2.6K Votes 37 Part Story
Jae By jaeshanks Completed

{✨Book 1✨}
FEATURED: Dylan Brink knew that she didn't get a choice in her partner; she just didn't expect him to be so...different from her. Her days were focused on the colony's need to keep breathing air; he memorized poetry. 
Her partner is historian Levi Hark, who wakes up after a century in cryo as an outcast in a utilitarian society. He had expected to study history, not become history. When the two of them accidentally uncover a century old secret, it will test the bounds of their fledging romance and possibly endanger all life on their new planet. Some secrets were meant to stay forgotten.
(Highest rank: #19 in science fiction)

Glad the male protagonist isn't some drop dead six foot six guy for once. Also love the cryo/hypersleep mingled with generation ship fusion.
marisabaratta marisabaratta Jul 19, 2016
It's not clear to me what Levi does or does not know about being frozen - it seems he was aware he would be frozen? 
                              I like this story!
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Mar 29, 2016
Why do you start with the nickname here? Shouldn't he say he prefers Levi before the narrator starts using it.
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Mar 28, 2016
Does her mother sew things for people or is this something else? Just not quite sure what it means or maybe i missed something
jaeshanks jaeshanks Oct 02, 2016
@merksol31 thanks so much! I was actually talking about Dylan and Levi's relationship (my fault for using pronouns, haha), though the same could definitely be said for my story as well.
theconsultingwriter2 theconsultingwriter2 May 17, 2016
This idea is extremely intriguing! Can't wait till read more!!