Not your ordinary superhero

Not your ordinary superhero

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SuperTardisPotter By SuperTardisPotter Updated Feb 02, 2016

Elizabeth Taylor was your everyday kid, dreaming of being like Superman.  Sometimes, dreams do come true because she wakes up one more floating and surrounded by an electrical force feild. 

What is a teenage girl supposed to do when she has the powers of every superhero? Find out in Not your ordinary superhero.

There is a lot of humor in this book, most of it superhero related, so if you are looking for a serious story, I'm sorry to disappoint. What can I say? I'm SUPER funny. Hahaha! .....Sorry, that was terrible.
Unlike a lot of authors, I love it when people correct my grammar and spelling. You're probably thinking "She's being sarcastic, right?" Nope. I love writing and it's a lot of fun for me but as a dyslexic, it's hard getting the right words down. Hopefully there won't be too many mistakes but if you come across one, you are encouraged to correct me.

Also. if you think something should be changed for the better, I love getting suggestions to make my book better!

LittleMs_Nerd LittleMs_Nerd Aug 24, 2016
No no no! Don't change anything! Cause you're amazing just the way you are(Bruno Mars)! I love the humour you use it makes the book different from other boring superhero books. I should know I have read a lot of them😄
Disnerd396 Disnerd396 Dec 26, 2016
Alex5623 Alex5623 Sep 18, 2016
I think that's an all time record at making someone laugh I a book 😂😂😂
Lily_Luna_Malfoy11 Lily_Luna_Malfoy11 Oct 21, 2016
Your mother can't produce food out of thin air, no one can. Food is the first of the five Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration.
BrianGor BrianGor Nov 07, 2016
And starts doing the chacha 😂as a ballroom dancer I am crying of laughter at this
xxOwletxx xxOwletxx Aug 10, 2016
Yo, can I have some of your powers? I'm good with flying and telekinesis xD