I'm allergic to vampires! Literally....

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Sky By videogamegirl Completed
Skyler Vandeguard is a girl with an odd ability to repel and inflict pain on vampires. And when she's sent on a vampire slayer's mission, it might not be that easy when your powers don't work on your target. Blood will be spilt...
loooollll. i love this. Sally is a cute name, i knw a boy named skyler 0.o
                                    PERVERTS! i would have kille him there and then<3333:D
same here@Olliegirl320  luv your pic! i would punch the lenses out and wack it w/ a b.ball bat.lol i'm violent.
really good! I think you should keep writing, but make it longer!
Very awesome!! Can't wait for the next chapter!
                                    btw i'd be uberhappi if u cld read some of my stories!!
                                    mick4eva (morgan lynne :D)
this is a very great start, love to read the next chapter of the story
hahaha, this is going to be a good story.  I can't wait for the next chapter (yes, I have a VERY dark sense of humor) n_n