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Danielle Parker By -taensed- Completed

A hot new boyband has debuted on September of 2015 and they're music video has already stolen thousands of die-hard Kpop-addicts like me. Literally I'm going crazy over them. So I decided to make a fanfic collection of them!

 - WeiJin (Wei and Gyujin)
 - XiaoHee (Xiao and Hwanhee)
 - SunShin (Sunyoul and Wooshin)
 - KuhnYeol (Kuhn and Kogyeol)
 - Bit-Hee (Bitto and Hwanhee)
 - XiaoShin (Xiao and Wooshin)
 - WooHoo (Wooshin and Jinhoo)

 - fLuFf
 - Smut
 - Angst
 - Humour
 - Romance

  • bitto
  • bromance
  • cute
  • gyujin
  • hwanhee
  • jinhoo
  • kogyeol
  • kuhn
  • kuhnyeol
  • sunshin
  • sunyoul
  • up10tion
  • wei
  • weijin
  • woohoo
  • wooshin
  • xiao
  • xiaohee
  • yaoi
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ayanxmi ayanxmi Apr 15, 2016
I see that exo song title reference (baby dont cry, Tonight)
Xiao and Hwanhee fighting so funny (I ship xiaoshin more tho)
JustTooRandom JustTooRandom Jun 01, 2016
I'm not supposed to jam to exo when I'm reading Up10tion imagines ><
carrot_ranger carrot_ranger Jun 12, 2016
y'all i've spent 2937272882 years looking for  a weigyu fic, (y does no one ever write abt them) and now i finally found one im cryign omaghd T^T  re-reading this until i find another one ;__;
cucumber-minhyukkie cucumber-minhyukkie Jun 06, 2016
AAAAAAARGGGHHH! How long it took for me to find a WeiGyu fanfiction but here it is! WOOOOOOOO!