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Danielle Parker By -jhansol- Completed

A hot new boyband has debuted on September of 2015 and they're music video has already stolen thousands of die-hard Kpop-addicts like me. Literally I'm going crazy over them. So I decided to make a fanfic collection of them!

 - WeiJin (Wei and Gyujin)
 - XiaoHee (Xiao and Hwanhee)
 - SunShin (Sunyoul and Wooshin)
 - KuhnYeol (Kuhn and Kogyeol)
 - Bit-Hee (Bitto and Hwanhee)
 - XiaoShin (Xiao and Wooshin)
 - WooHoo (Wooshin and Jinhoo)

 - fLuFf
 - Smut
 - Angst
 - Humour
 - Romance

chxiology chxiology Apr 15
I see that exo song title reference (baby dont cry, Tonight)
I'm not supposed to jam to exo when I'm reading Up10tion imagines ><
y'all i've spent 2937272882 years looking for  a weigyu fic, (y does no one ever write abt them) and now i finally found one im cryign omaghd T^T  re-reading this until i find another one ;__;
AAAAAAARGGGHHH! How long it took for me to find a WeiGyu fanfiction but here it is! WOOOOOOOO!
I would be surprised if someone said thay to me yet it would be a very positive comment indeed
Im  almost screaming 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂