Just Alec. (vampire novel)

Just Alec. (vampire novel)

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JennysInLove By JennysInLove Updated Oct 13, 2013

"I know everything about you...about what you are" she leaned in, sending kisses of a warm whisper into my ear. 

   Hi. My name is Alec.
  I'm sixty-seven years old and I'm a vampire. Yes, a vampire. But not the kind you'd expect, or want for that matter. I'm not the guy who at eighteen was turned into a vampire, had to live with himself even though he knew he was a murderer and hated every moment of it; constantly rejected girls because he hadn't found 'the one' yet; looked as though his face was carefully shaped to perfection by angels; was extremely talented for what people thought was his age; and was almost too still and too quiet to be true.

   Of course not.
   I'm the guy who wanted to be a vampire; the guy who at seventeen begged a beautiful vampire queen to bite him because he thought it would make him irresistible to girls; I'm the guy who doesn't care that he has to drain people of their blood, because he doesn't have the guts to finish his meal in first place; I'm the guy who is always being avoided because he's a creep and you somehow know that there can't possibly be a heart beating under that cold stone chest.

  I'm the guy who doesn't act like a vampire, talks like a normal person, looks the exact same as he did fifty-one years ago before he was bitten and doesn't know shit about instruments.  

So that's me for you. 


Just Alec.

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