His Shy Little Mate MxB]

His Shy Little Mate MxB]

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I'm a Fluffy Panda! By _MidnightLuna18_ Updated Jul 14, 2017

Luca Winter is always shy because he was treated differently in his pack.

He was beaten, bullied and always felt vulnerable about himself and where he barley talks and cuts himself till he bleeds but his sister try's to help him runaway.

Seth King is Alpha of Dark Blood Moon Pack the most vicious pack of all pack in the while werewolf world and he never knew the moon goddess would give him a mate especially a guy mate at that but he would never reject him but try to love him.

Seth finds out his mate is abused and he goes on a rampage and attacks his pack and family.

  • abused
  • attack
  • bleed
  • cuts
  • family
  • help
  • love
  • menxboy
  • mxb
  • pack
  • rampage
  • romance
  • shy
  • sister
Yeah I “accidentally” threw come in him and I “accidentally” stabbed you
brokenintime brokenintime Dec 02, 2016
My friends name is Seth and his last name is king 😮😐😐😐😐😐
cutiepie4112 cutiepie4112 Sep 06, 2016
If that sorry exuse for an alpha touches him again, im getting a gun loaded with silver bullets. The bastard is gonna die!!
ideasmeltingpot ideasmeltingpot Dec 31, 2015
It's a good story and it sounds like it'll have a lot of heart to it. Please continue and let your commentators enjoy ;)