Blood & Carnage ◦ Scream

Blood & Carnage ◦ Scream

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♡ stressed and depressed ♡ By lexipediagrey Updated Jun 28, 2016

❝It's happening again, isn't it?❞

Sidney Prescott thought she escaped her past from Woodsboro a long time ago; but as her daughter, Vivian, begins to deal with the return of alleged serial killer, Brandon James, Sidney learns that the past is something that you can't escape.

And that Prescott women always manage to attract all sorts of trouble.

SamanthaDorene SamanthaDorene Jun 25, 2016
When I was a baby my mom would sing this song to me, once I saw this show it kinda creeped me out.
SabrinaHernandez044 SabrinaHernandez044 Jun 09, 2016
Honestly, why can't they be smart and not use Siri, she/he gets everything wrong, just go to emergency call, idiots I'm telling you, your about to get murdered and your going to trust Siri to cal 9-1-1
aIauren aIauren Aug 26, 2016
This is probably a weird question… but who's Vivian's dad?
sharmoan sharmoan Jun 01, 2016
this is already so amazing, too terrified to actually watch the actual movies, so i'll prob be confused, but i'm super excited to read!
theamazingspideyy theamazingspideyy Jun 01, 2016
Excuse me while I scream in excitement bc someone knows about the Scream movies and not just the TV show
                              And its like you tied them all together I'm !!! Yissss this looks great 👌
-notsogilinsky- -notsogilinsky- Sep 20, 2015
this is genius, jordizzle.
                              how was i not informed of this ahead of time?