That Ballah Love: Down For My Ballah

That Ballah Love: Down For My Ballah

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A'Shantii The Gawd By shantii14__ Updated Jan 13, 2017

Cash, Gucci and the ballers are back. That Ballah Love: Down For my baller is the Sequel to " That Ballah Love ".

Last time you heard from Cash she was stuck crying pregnant in Gucci's penthouse after the police raid. Now she's out to make it happen in these streets for her childern and her. But alot of people just rather have Cash dead. With so much out there and so much lost. Cash has to come up with a plan and find a way. Is she down?

Gucci was aressted for murder charges. Last time you heard from him the police was breaking down his front door while he was holding the murder wepon. Was Gucci the killer? And what happen when Cash is suddenly gone and he never heard from her again. Now Gucci is out the pen. And ready to face the people who set him up.. Is he down? And do he know who?

Zeek was standing right next to Gucci when the cops bust in. Now his NBA dream had really been shattered and there was no looking back. With blood on his shirt and his boy holding the murder wepon. The only thing to think is that they comiteed the murder. After these long draining years in the pen Zeek is out. To find that the outside Southside has changed completely. Will Zeek be able to evaluate to his once home? 

The ballah's are back. The games are back on.

Only the hoodest may succeed.!

( Book 2 )

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Correction.... You ruined your life. That’s all apart of the game. Niggas and they stubborn asses
__ADaj__ __ADaj__ Mar 03
baby gon' love me now, now, now, now, now, now
                              now or never 🎶
gxchxnel gxchxnel Mar 11, 2017
technically this is the end of the chapter but whatever ok i understand
Jane_Doe__ Jane_Doe__ Aug 16, 2016
That is messed up but I really think she thinks he killed her mother.
QueenBvppin QueenBvppin Dec 02, 2016
Nopeee go get ur hair cut ain't working out for me👈👈
skylar0512 skylar0512 Jan 14, 2017
Aight nigga be like that then and you want cash back I bet you ain't getting her if you stay in the  streets