The Black Serpent (Pjo/Avengers Crossover)

The Black Serpent (Pjo/Avengers Crossover)

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E. R. Ruff By Craziestof_8 Completed

The hero will fall
This could end it all
Fire will ignite,
Join together to use its light
Or evil shall rule,
It will end in the final duel.
Save Perseus in life or death; 
And hope will once again rule till the final breath

Percy Jackson is broken. The seven are dead and Tartarus will rise with the help of the Mad Titan. Our favorite young hero must join together with the Avengers to save the World. Again.

Percy Jackson/Avengers crossover

(Mild angst and language)

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If he's gonna be sleeping during the meeting, why is he going in the first place?
15rscooby 15rscooby May 31
Okay the writing is pretty good but personally i think its too broken up. Theres so many pov changes and line breaks that i cant get into the rhythm of reading. Idk if its just this chapter and gets better in later ones or if its all of them but thats something to think about
Nah sherlock solved it, but he didnt want to get involved or his IQ would lower
Wow nice speech, come a long way since "let's go, um, kill things
Itsy bitsy line Break Blocked us from The Page
                              Down came the writing and washed The line break out!
                              Then out Came The Author It Cleaned up all the mess,
                              Then Itsy bitsy Line Break Blocked us all again!
Son_Of_Death8729 Son_Of_Death8729 Dec 26, 2016
Great intro to bad the rest of the story is so bad it hurts to read.