Alien Invading My Heart

Alien Invading My Heart

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Karla Stilinski By claris1905 Updated 6 days ago

They came.

And they took everything from us.

They took our homes, our loved ones, our freedom

...our lives.

Nothing is the same anymore. 

And now, they want us to "Peacefully co-exist and even learn from one another"
That is never going to happen- I thought until I met him, and everything changed once again.


Rose was just an ordinary girl in an ordinary world... that is until aliens came and took the word ordinary out of her dictionary. 
After a year in a prison called "region", six teenagers were selected to go to school with aliens as the part of integration program.  
What happens once Rose finds out that aliens aren't so bad after all?

Sounds like something from the hunger games with there regions ..the similarity
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For real, my grandma would have kicked my ass if I spoke to her like that
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mapapama mapapama Jul 25
nice story! only one thing, its not 'bunk bad' but '' bunk bed'' ... haha maybe it's a bad bunk? :)  x
Loving your first chapter .... I came across your book when looking to read something with aliens as I'm an fanatic lol ... I even made a alien pumpkin for Halloween ...looking forward to reading more. Thank you for writing this