Septiplier One Shots

Septiplier One Shots

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A collection of Septiplier One Shots, hope you enjoy!

•  Fluff
• Angst
• Light lemon (more than fluff but less than lemon) 
• Lemon

Incredible front cover fanart belongs to @/dankmcloughlin

LittleCecii LittleCecii Dec 26, 2016
Its a really cool OneShot. Sadly i didnt understood all of that, cause i am from Switzerland and talking German normaly, but i think, i'm going to have fun with this book. (Btw sorry for that bad English doh)
Has Mark never heard of not taking things from strangers? Like some box labelled as a love potion offered by a man with a pink moustache? But then again, fanfic logic isn't even logic.
is it has red as your hair?
                              Wait crap his hair is black. nvm ;~;
lili-senpie lili-senpie Oct 08, 2016
I read this in his voice  (like every dam fanfic I read) and....holy
Awkward_Mazard Awkward_Mazard Oct 07, 2016
Is it just me but I read this before ^^ loved it so after a while I decided to read it again but...has it changed? I feel liked some of the writing  changed either way though I absolutely love it♡
Penguinz2545 Penguinz2545 Aug 18, 2016
Me: DONT EDIT THAT OUT! DO NOT EDIT THAT OUT! I might do something craazy if you do!