Septiplier One Shots

Septiplier One Shots

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galaxy.iplier By galaxyiplier22 Updated Aug 02

A collection of Septiplier One Shots, hope you enjoy!

•  Fluff
• Angst
• Light lemon (more than fluff but less than lemon) 
• Lemon

(Book cover art not by me)

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bandnerd48 bandnerd48 May 21
I'm really, really glad that I finally found this book again (I didn't have it in my library apparently) and this has got to be my favorite oneshot book of all time. It was the first Septiplier book I read sooo YAY!
Sh3lly_Sh00 Sh3lly_Sh00 Apr 24
It would be funny if they were rainbow........ get it? Like, gay? Rainbow...? Pride....?
                              Goodbye cruel world *falls backwards off a cliff*
Sh3lly_Sh00 Sh3lly_Sh00 Apr 24
Please tell me someone's actually laughing there ass off because there actually imagining Wilford in his own cannon voice XD
I'd only imagine-i.....mean....WHAT!?!
                              SHUT UP!
FananF FananF Jan 26
What about limes?They're even MORE lemony...
                              *que Lenny face
Me : yeah! Jack, Mark, wanna play monopoly?
                              Mark and Jack : *having a heated make out session*
                              Me : Yeah...that's a better idea!