Torn Up Throats [Frerard]

Torn Up Throats [Frerard]

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Embla By zeppelinspaced Updated May 29, 2016

From a complete strangers view, Frank Iero would seem like any other normal shy 22 year old with an extremely bad immune system. 

Those were probably the reasons why he always wore scarves and never talked. 

The few people who knew him, knew he could talk, but just labeled him under selective mute. 

Because he never talked.

Because he chose not to talk.

Because he was afraid?


"Hi welcome to my café! What can I get for you?" 

"Just a black coffee please." Was answered by a raspy yet shy voice. 

And that's how Gerard found himself interested in the quiet and cute boy infront of him.

Cover credit to @tragician_child

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humantrophy humantrophy Sep 01, 2017
that's not the way to live life, frank. Black is the way to go.
- - Aug 17, 2017
I just snorted cause internet from "Frank's gonna die" to "Frank likes cream in his coffee"
zephyr_end_ zephyr_end_ Jun 10, 2017
I love that transition from prologue to chapter one, I laughed at the contrast
I like Coffee with milk and cocoa powder instead of sugar...
baconaxolotl baconaxolotl May 05, 2017
Well now I'm crying bc wmuwse (wake me up when September ends)
gerardsfuhkingpinky gerardsfuhkingpinky Jul 28, 2017
lol when my doberman gets angry she just gets really moody and judges me from far away