Forest Of The Forbidden || 1

Forest Of The Forbidden || 1

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Nicole By ADreamingReality Completed

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Rumours of a dark, dangerous creature spill around Isabelle's town. It is said that in the forest surrounding her town lies a beast so powerful, so malignant that a simple glance from its icy eyes is said to kill you. Isabelle grew up with those rumours, the dark stories that plagued her dreams with terrors. Not once in her life, however, did she imagine they would be true. 

After her father goes missing into the unknown for a couple days, Isabelle is determined enough to venture into the dark forest after him. She soon realizes that the stories about this horrid, dark creature are very much true... and further more, that it is not the only one out there.  

 Abandoning the laws of the town about this 'forbidden forest'- the forest that tourists were scared away from, that children were fenced from, Isabelle finds herself returning into the forest more than once all for the same reason. She is the only one who can tame the beast.  

(Warning: this is an older book, slowly in the process of being edited, and not very pretty to look at. My writing has improved tenfold since the creation of this book, and so I highly suggest checking out the rewritten version Sliver if you're not a fan of underdeveloped writing.)

  • alpha
  • battle
  • betrayal
  • blood
  • broken
  • castle
  • legend
  • lust
  • mate
  • pack
  • pain
  • secrets
  • seer
  • shift
  • vengeance
  • violence
  • werewolf
  • wolf
01Arsonist 01Arsonist Apr 09
Also the writing style is pretty amazing. I just love it already.
Kiskae Kiskae Jun 11
great writing cant wait to read your other stories since you said you improved on it...i know your gonna be an amazing well known writer someday just wait!
ItsSweetSugar ItsSweetSugar May 31, 2016
Are you german? These names surely do sound quite german *Reiner* *Gunter*? 😃
brisa_renee brisa_renee Aug 19, 2016
Good. Good this feels like a real famous author writing this book. Good grammer,intro and descriptive words!
celestialdidi celestialdidi Mar 25, 2015
bane means annoyance 
                              does she not like the library? 
                              I'm confused  
hoedaddy hoedaddy Jan 01, 2015
I love her dad, he doesn't care about anything else, he's just in his own world.