Life With My Brothers Best Friend✔️

Life With My Brothers Best Friend✔️

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You all remember how Colten and Nikki came to be, how they somehow ended up together when it seemed like all forces of nature were trying to keep them apart. Well, here's a new story for you. 

Colten asks Nikki to marry him after she finishes her four years of college, what could be better?

What the duo didn't expect was for it to be so hard. They've spent most of their adult life together and never had many problems. But with Colten's mom at the hospital going through series of chemotherapy, there's many things to happen. 

The bills are piling up for the payments of his moms treatment even with the money he gets from football, Nikki is feeling suffocated and depressed as the only mother figure she's ever really had is getting more ill. 

Follow them through their new adventure...of being married. 

WARNING: sexual content, language, violence.

(Book #3 of the Best Friend Series)

"See you all in two weeks!" XD He just runs out of the door..XD lol
Omg you should make a book about Angelique and James!!!❤️❤️❤️
The child in me started saying 'pew pew' as if I was shooting a BB gun or something
Yup dream wedding if my husband don't cry we won't last lolol
Umm I think it's supposed to say "marrying" instead of dating
A_xinspire A_xinspire Jul 29
Bruh why did it have to be this song 😫I LOVE IT
                              anyways...twilight is life 😏