Crazy in love (Camren)

Crazy in love (Camren)

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Camren By jaureguihippy Updated Mar 18, 2017

"I'm not crazy. I'm not and I don't care what any of you say. I'm not insane I'm not anything but me. The only way I would agree with you is if your definition of crazy if falling too deeply in love with someone. I was in love with her and she broke me. She broke every single bone in my body like she never did anything wrong, but I'll tell you right now that she did. It's because of her that I'm here right now.  If she would just keep her dirty fucking legs shut nothing what I did would've happened. 

She was suppose to love me and only me. She wasn't suppose to give me up for my own brother. She wasn't suppose to sneak out of my bed to spend the night in his. She wasn't suppose to have done any of this, but I'm the one who is being punished for punishing her and him. How does any of this make sense. I'm not in the wrong here and you're all wasting you time trying to convince me that what I did was wrong because it wasn't. If I could take it all back I promise you that I would not. 


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What a goddamn relief. I thought for a second that Camila was the filthy cheater.
mypapijauregui mypapijauregui Aug 08, 2017
Guess you could say she's dead on the floor, hahaha too soon? Ok.
ttoppgz ttoppgz Aug 31, 2017
Well, they're probably thinking their daughters a whore. 
                              I'm on Lauren's side. 
                              Skin her pussy lips off, she don't need em. 
                              Sorry. Just me? Yes? Okay I'll shut up.