вreaĸιng dawn [ aĸaтѕυĸι no yona varιoυѕ х reader ]

вreaĸιng dawn [ aĸaтѕυĸι no yona varιoυѕ х reader ]

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bakenekocy By bakenekocy Updated Nov 15, 2016

[Reverse Harem] 

(Name) was picked up by Ik-Soo when she was little and since then she has been living with him and Yoon, who is like her big brother. What happens when Yoon brings home an injured ex-general and princess one day? What happens when the siblings follow them on their journey to find the four dragons? Will there be adventure, laughter... perhaps love?

Based on the Akatsuki no Yona storyline, with a reverse harem of your beloved characters.

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fangirl0311 fangirl0311 Sep 07
                              I am a fan of the fire tribe, I like the parent and child there 
                              ( I know most people hate kan-Taejun but I don't ) 
                              But like I just left yun and iksoo right there? Like what?
Yuki2246 Yuki2246 Nov 18
He's not a brother he's not a man he's not a stranger he's my kawaii mother
fangirl0311 fangirl0311 Sep 07
Seriously ? Bro zoned? I would like to have him as more than that
I was not expecting the fire tribe person to be the general's first son.......