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The New Girl (Andy Biersack x Reader)

The New Girl (Andy Biersack x Reader)

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I'm One Weird Kid By That_One_Bandgirl_XD Updated Jul 06, 2016

~(Y/N POV)~

I woke up to the sound of (your favorite song) blaring on my (favorite electronic). I quickly turned the alarm off and started getting ready for the first day at my new school. "Why did this day have to come so fast" I say to myself while doing my simple make-up routine that consisted of mascara, eye liner, and black eye shadow. After I finished my make-up I got dressed in my (favorite outfit). I looked at my phone and realised I was going to be late if I didn't hurry up. So I quickly grabbed my backpack and a pair of headphones then ran downstairs. Only to bump into my mother. "Shouldn't you be gone already?" My mom asked me. "Yeah, that's why I'm running, you should know I don't run unless it's important." I said kind of annoyed. I was almost out the door when I remembered I need my keys. So I walked back inside and saw my mom with with my keys in her hand. She shook her head at me. "Mom can I please have my keys. I'm gonna be late!" I said very stressed out. She handed ...

Andyblack-n-Jackaboy Andyblack-n-Jackaboy Jun 15, 2016
67 chevy impala black 4 door... Or a 78 lincoln continental mark v
xXFoxFuryXx xXFoxFuryXx Jan 21, 2016
Em meh fave electronic is an Xbox soooooooo don't yeh think it would be a little weird seeing someone walking around holding an Xbox with headphones plugged into it? (Jk I know what yeh meant lol)
only-a-chalk-outline only-a-chalk-outline Jan 19, 2016
Hey don't worry your not disappointing anyone I know how you feel .if you want help with the story or some one to talk to I'm right here.
pierce_the_savannah pierce_the_savannah Dec 30, 2015
When you said jeep I thought of teen wolf and stiles jeep! XD omg I love stiles haha
_Yaoi_Everywhere_ _Yaoi_Everywhere_ Dec 01, 2015
My favorite clothes are like oversized hoodies and black skinnies >~<
rEaDeRxXhhh rEaDeRxXhhh Sep 20, 2015
What if my favorite electronic is for some reason a gps and it can't play music