The Grumpiest Man Alive

The Grumpiest Man Alive

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Blake Andrews had a hurtful experience that caused his heart to "hate" women. That distaste was caused by his fiancé, Lissianna Carlton, who ran away from their wedding. Taking that as a sign that women are all heart breakers, Blake promised himself that he will never ever let them hurt him again. Until he found himself  literally tied, eagle style to the four post of "someone's" bed, let alone "half-naked."

Josephine Simpson was in great need of money. The only way she can have the money is to drug her "soon-to-be-boss" and tie him on her bed. She admitted that was a "desperate" act but hell, she needed the money or else her "only-wealth" will be taken away from her. But there's a problem, she can't take her eyes off of his naked chest. Her eyes were burning with lust and she was fighting the tease to jump on him to satisfy her crave.

Will Josephine be the girl who will break the wall around Blake's heart? Or her desperate act will lead her to fall for him? Can she tame the Grumpiest Man Alive?

idontgiveup29 idontgiveup29 Dec 26, 2016
Omg I just want to in the story and hug him.  It broke my heart.  It rare you a story that involves a man being left in the altar.
kuro_neko16 kuro_neko16 Feb 19, 2016
Actually I like when a guy loves a girl so much he would cry for her, but dude, do not cry over that girl. If she really loved you, you would have been married.
SilentDeath101 SilentDeath101 Aug 01, 2015
I hate Lissi for breaking him.
                                I wonder if this is gonna be cliche.
yaynaynay yaynaynay Sep 14, 2014
*starts laughing* *stops* *starts feeling like a bîtch for laughing*
mganallirt mganallirt Jun 06, 2013
Guys, I do update every three to four days. If I am so busy, there will be one update for a week.