Timeless Tales (BlackButler x Reader)

Timeless Tales (BlackButler x Reader)

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❀ By kansami Updated Jul 03

You are a teen orphan recruited by Ciel Phantomhive to serve as a maid at his manor. Little did you know, certain demon butlers and shinigamis were after your soul - or rather you.


A BlackButler x Reader fanfic that I started, since my other Vampire Knight fanfic received +feedback. Hope you like this story~ I do not own BlackButler!

wOaH! im a unicorn, how bout we make some unicorn demon babies toni-//slapped
Neko_Jojo Neko_Jojo Jul 24
Oliver:such vulgar language from a butler put a dollar in the swear jar *holding swear jar*
When I watched the anime I thought that sentence was obvious enough but when I read the manga, half the time instead of simple one h*** of a butler, it said I am a demon and a butler.
- - Aug 21
Oml my eyes kinda blurred for a sec after taking off my glasses and I read "I'm stupidly butler for hell." EH?
;D mah child! 
                              Wait no Alois is my child.
                              Ciel belongs to Lunah. FUUUUHSNSJSNS I NEED A CIEL IN MAH LIFE XD
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