His Boxer

His Boxer

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Absent.Crown By InsanexBeauty Completed

Ember has a.....trainer, and well, she kinda likes him. But what if he isn't all she though he was? Or in fact, who he was?

Note: This book is finished...but im in the lengthy process of revising and editing. Excuse the mistakes please!

W/ much love,
              - Absent.Crown.

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@melody333333333 Sorry about that, this is an old book I made over a year when I was just starting wattpad. The quotation marks are coming soon. I'll go back and edit though. And, thanks for reading.
bob_ally bob_ally Jun 30
wait there is no pic of lamar here  and the book doesnt have a pic of  ember too
Because not revising one time will knock you so far into the pits of torture and hell that it will take you over 3 weeks to catch up
kwhite1234 kwhite1234 Dec 28, 2015
Text me back the next book of "HIS BOXER" when u finish making it so when ever my phone gets turned on wi,-fi I'll know what book it is