The Neighbor (EDITING)

The Neighbor (EDITING)

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Kyra Odyssey By Alluringtrapx Updated Aug 09

#1 in Horror - 11/17/15

"Shhh, don't make a sound." I feel a grip around my neck feeling his hot breath on my ear. "Or I'll kill you here and now." He whispers as I felt something sharp on the side of my waist that was piercing the surface of my skin.  My heart pounds heavily my breathing became strained causing me to exhale faster and heavier.

We stood inside my bedroom feet away from my sleeping husband he pulls me closer to his body moving backwards to the hallway. I could only follow hoping that my life would be spared. Suddenly, we stopped by the edge of the staircase. 

"You're mine." He whispers in a hoarse tone placing a kiss on my cheek hitting me on the head with the back of the knife. 

I was seeing double. I was feeling dizzy, everything was spinning. I felt like I was in slow motion groaning at the pain looking down the stairs.

 That's the last thing I see before I black out.

A/N: WARNING, there is profanity, gory scenes and mild sexual content throughout the book. 

For all you grammar nazi's. This is by no means a final draft. There are many errors and I'll get to them. Don't read if my shitty grammar is too much. Lol.

Yeah, why should you worry if you're being followed? It's not like it's some creepy guy in a trench coat... Oh wait, it is.
I'm sorry but his name is really funny to me, this book is really good tho 🌹
Aurora5830 Aurora5830 Sep 13
so creepy i just had some chicken teriyaki at school today for lunch
Is he she has a stalker that will most likely break into the house and take her and he's like bye I'm leaving on a trip
I'm re-reading this because I forgot to vote the first time I read it
Oleta1234 Oleta1234 Aug 13
Ok I know the author is trying to use big girl big boy words to make her sound pretty but tf is ombre speak English guys