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Shattered || Narry

Shattered || Narry

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❀ Ari ❀ By 1975-Narry Updated Jun 18

Harry Styles.

He's your ordinary guy living out his life in luxury. He has all these fancy cars and more money than you know what to do with. The problem is, when it comes to charity, he wants nothing to do with it. He'd rather keep all of his money to himself. 

When he comes across an old woman who kindly asks for some money, he brushes her off and doesn't give her a second glance. Little did he know what that woman could do that would make his life take a turn for the worse. 


Niall Horan.

A boy who has been less fortunate in his life. He's gone through the loss of his mother and also watched the downfall of his father. His father made many mistakes in his life and Niall, being the good son that he is, tries to fix them. 

When Niall has to fix one of his father's messes, once again, it doesn't turn out like the others. This time? It's much worse.


What happens when Harry comes across this scene and intervenes? Will this random act of kindness help him in the end? yelled at daddy?! Ok bro nu-ah, bish where is Niall? NIALL GO PUNCH YOUR SOON TO BE BOYFRIEND
It's upsetting because I love nouis (I can't find a good nouis book though) but this is narry so I know it won't happen
toxicated- toxicated- Oct 13, 2016
                              SOME NOUIS LOOOOVE IS GOOD 
                              I CANT
toxicated- toxicated- Oct 13, 2016
I love you Harry babes
                              but hurt my Liam and I shall not hesitate to hURT YOU
                              all the fuucking love
fixatedonstyles fixatedonstyles Oct 09, 2016
when there's larry comments but this is a narry fanfic....imma need yall to take that somewhere else