Lost Love

Lost Love

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Phoebe By phoebegardens Completed

They thought their love was infinite, but what if only one of them can remember their past?

Imogen Howard has woken up from a head injury suffering from retrograde amnesia. She cannot remember anything about her current life as a nineteen year old student and has only a couple of childhood memories.

Thrown back into a life that was previously hers, Imogen has to come to terms with everything she once knew and adapt back into her life, with her family, friends and particularly with her boyfriend, Ozzy. 

But with mounting pressure to remember her past, how will Imogen cope? And will she want everything from her previous life to remain the same, if the girl she once was isn't the girl who she is now?

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Abbie-Joy Abbie-Joy Mar 29, 2016
Is it weird that this actually made me cringe?!  Wicked chapter x
mrmarionmoseby mrmarionmoseby Aug 06, 2016
hoodoverheart hoodoverheart Oct 16, 2016
This is how she loses her memory?? Poor kid. I thought it was a car crash or something like that. Ozzy's gonna feel soooooooooo guilty tho
Abbie-Joy Abbie-Joy Mar 29, 2016
Whirlwind romance or lasting love? I shall have to find out 😙
mrmarionmoseby mrmarionmoseby Aug 06, 2016
This is what family friend did with her boyfriend but he kept the ice cube in his mouth
_Realize_RealLiez _Realize_RealLiez Dec 01, 2015
🎶London Bridge is falling down, falling down🎶 I my gosh I just realized how awful that children's song is....