Young justice (boyfriend scenarios)

Young justice (boyfriend scenarios)

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Luna eclipse By crazypup110 Updated Nov 14

ok I am so sorry that I'm not getting right into the story just a few things in this book the guy you date is single ok I'm not doing those they break up with they're girlfriend/ love to be with you.
Second, this book may have slow updates so yeah please be patient with me. things you may need to know (again).

(Y/N)-your name
(L/N)- last name
(H/C)-hair color
(H/L)- hair length
(F/F)- favorite food
(S/C)-skin color

that's all for now I guess if I forgot something tell me k! Welp let's get started shall we GO YOUNG JUSTICE!!!!

(I do not own any of the young justice or its characters I only own the dialog and most of the stuff that happens in this book)

Name Catgirl 
                              Last name black ear power 
                              Eyes color emerald green 
                              Hair color black and long
                              Skin color pale
- - Jan 24
Robin laugh is the cutest thing its another reason i love him so much!
Hime_chan10 Hime_chan10 Oct 28, 2015
Others may think his laugh is creeepy but I actually think it's adorable xD