I stole the captain's Scissors

I stole the captain's Scissors

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your dad ❤️ By Yo_ongi Completed

"I dare you to steal Akashi's scissors."

     Those words rang though my head. I instantly knew that this wasn't just a dare, but the cause of my death.
    "Do I have t-"

    "No exceptions, you don't do it, then I can tell the whole school your little secret..."

(Some characters aren't mine, but I think you the reader can tell which ones are mine and which aren't hehe, thank you for reading :3)

 And yes only the word scissors is capitalized in the title. Why you may ask? Because the scissors seem like the dominant one of this relationship okay.

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reona-chwan reona-chwan Jan 19
i rather being loved by a cat than guys
                              i rather feel the cat is cheating me than guys
                              i rather cats than guys
Rojrojee Rojrojee Jul 14, 2017
oh hey i think uts late and i have to go so we will continue the game probably never
Shiroshicchi Shiroshicchi Jul 29, 2017
Whyyyy Kotaroo *gives death stare that can kill you and bury you 6ft under*
Aki_ChanZERO Aki_ChanZERO 3 days ago
... "Okay" ... Leaves room and walks towards roof ... Jumps down with crocodile tears "NO WAY!!"
Aki_ChanZERO Aki_ChanZERO 3 days ago
Priest: "We are gathered here today by the death of a maybe innocemt bystander,Maybe maybe not,And the suspect will perform a speech" * Shina walks infront *
                              Shina: "UWAAA!!IM SORRY  KAT!!FORG-" * stops when she sees Akashi * "kill me now..
_Tra_sh_ _Tra_sh_ May 02
I did bring a penknife with me everywhere I go if my mother had not took that penknife away 😂