I stole the captain's Scissors

I stole the captain's Scissors

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Actual Satan By Yo_ongi Completed

"I dare you to steal Akashi's scissors."

     Those words rang though my head. I instantly knew that this wasn't just a dare, but the cause of my death.
    "Do I have t-"

    "No exceptions, you don't do it, then I can tell the whole school your little secret..."

(Some characters aren't mine, but I think you the reader can tell which ones are mine and which aren't hehe, thank you for reading :3)

 And yes only the word scissors is capitalized in the title. Why you may ask? Because the scissors seem like the dominant one of this relationship okay.

Rojrojee Rojrojee Jul 14
oh hey i think uts late and i have to go so we will continue the game probably never
Whyyyy Kotaroo *gives death stare that can kill you and bury you 6ft under*
Otakuphan Otakuphan Jul 15
We are here today to gather the death of a very young girls as he returns to the father and be free from worries
AliahMakaylaJones AliahMakaylaJones Dec 13, 2016
Kastu, what kind of flowers do you want at your funeral ? Just asking....
PsychoticPenguinX PsychoticPenguinX Dec 31, 2016
Is it weird how I also carry around a pair of scissors with me and let no one touch them???😅😶
                              BUT I WOULD DO IT FOT JOKES ANYWAY