Courage ⇒ Carlos De Vil || Disney's Descendants

Courage ⇒ Carlos De Vil || Disney's Descendants

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Mai By vxrsatile Updated Aug 27, 2017

The United States of Auradon didn't just have the stereotypical princesses that you may have read about in fairytales. Living in that very country is also the bold, adventurous, and courageous Meredith, daughter of Merida. The only thing that she was never brave about? Being open to new ideas, things, and people. In her defense, her grandmother did into a bear because her mother was open to the idea of a deal from a witch.

But, when one of her closest friends who so happened to be the future king, orders that a group of children from the Isle be given the chance to live in Auradon, Meredith is forced to learn to be open to this new life, new people, and new friendships- and perhaps, something even beyond that.

Disney Descendants || Carlos De Vil

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I’m a bit curious as to if Meredith is Scottish like her mom or not
- - Sep 22, 2016
(Thumps Chad on the head and start slapping some sense into him ... He gets a little smarter)( grabs Audrey's hair and yanks it hard)
MyOnlySilence MyOnlySilence Mar 05, 2016
That's my friend Kristen. I'm Meredith and Sam is Ben....... Exactly how my life works.
rth705 rth705 Aug 04, 2016
Why do I have a feeling like I'm that friend because I couldn't think of anyone?