Courage ⇒ Carlos De Vil || Disney's Descendants

Courage ⇒ Carlos De Vil || Disney's Descendants

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Maita By vxrsatile Updated Nov 20, 2015

The United States of Auradon didn't just have the stereotypical princesses that you may have been introduced to. Living in that very country also is Meredith, daughter of Merida. Like her mother, she is bold, unique, and adventurous. The only thing that she never wanted to step out of was her comfort zone; in other words, she didn't like having other friends aside from Prince Ben and Prince Chad, whom she knew she couldn't cling onto forever. She claimed that all guys besides her close friends were manipulative and immature. More so, she didn't even have much girl friends because she said that every other girl was too different from her, too common, and too princess-like— despite that she was one herself.

But maybe, just maybe, when a certain group of transfer students she never wanted to come in the first place arrive at her school, Meredith will pluck up her courage to open up and find more than just a brand new friendship.

Disney Descendants || Carlos De Vil

I agree.I love how Carlos and Jane are a thing now it's adorable. Their actually boyfriend and girlfriend for real too. 😁😁😋
OMG I love Cameron!!!! And his new haircut in Descendants 2 is driving me insane!!!
- - Sep 22, 2016
(Thumps Chad on the head and start slapping some sense into him ... He gets a little smarter)( grabs Audrey's hair and yanks it hard)