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Lord of the Jag By sacredjaguar Updated Oct 09

He is Alpha of all Alphas.

He is evil, cruel, and merciless.

He lives for violence,gore and death.

They say he's from the Underworld and here to collect the one thing left on earth to arisen his Godly powers. His mate.

They call him Zephyros. The Black Demon.

Profanity, sexual content, violence,gore, alcohol consumption, and other grown and mature stuff. Don't be coming around here on this book if your some youngster or immature brat. I don't have time for your petty comments go choke on some mylittlepony shit.

Also PLEASE read the description. Zephyros is crazy. You've been warned.

What if there was a waterfall at the very end and she died...
Hush now my baby. Be still love, don't cry. Sleep as your rocked by the sea. Sleep and remember this last lullaby. I'll be with you in your dreams
I'm just wondering like was he going to father his mate until she was old enough to realize that's not her dad but her boo 😂🤔
Nigga DA FFAAQQQQ you mean full powers you know what *rolls up sleeves* you NEED to CATCH DEEZ HANDS MUTHAFUCKA
Everyone like Prince of Egypt..but y'all heard of the bible..yeah that movie is based on that book..
Nigga you better go eat SEVERAL snickers and calm tf down 💀✋🏾