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Goodnight, Thomas - A Metias/Thomas Legend fanfiction (BoyxBoy)

Goodnight, Thomas - A Metias/Thomas Legend fanfiction (BoyxBoy)

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<~Ozzy~> By fanfic_writer13 Updated May 31, 2016

Thomas Bryant, constantly at war with his own feelings, doesn't know what to think when his long-time best friend, Metias Iparis, asks him if he wants to "hang out" after work. Of course Thomas wants to hang out -- he wants so much more, actually, if he's honest, but he's spent so many years telling himself he doesn't, so this will have to do... For now.

After settling for "just friends" for so long, Thomas isn't prepared for how quickly things change.

EauphoricLung EauphoricLung Oct 06, 2015
This was fantastic! You caught Metias and Thomas' personalities perfectly!