Milk and Cookies (KoichixReader)

Milk and Cookies (KoichixReader)

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Ghoulette By UndeadGhuleh Completed

You grabbed onto the railing as you made your way up the steps to the front door of a giant lavish mansion. You look down at the piece of paper that had an address on it, you analyzed it and confirmed this was indeed the house. You came here to babysit some family's kid while they went out on their anniversary. 

You slipped your fingers into the handle of the lion shaped knocker and hit it on the wood. You stepped back just enough and the door swings open. A youthful looking asian woman was standing in the doorway, you leaned in to shake her hand and she escorted you inside. You exchanged a few words and she explained her expectancies and how she would like you to do your job. She briefly talked about whom you were babysitting. Apparently he is a young boy named Koichi, although everytime you would ask the age of him she would stutter and fumble her words and just doges the question. 

After she finished what she had to say she bowed politely and walked out of the door with her husban...

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