Married To A Jerk?! Mark Tuan fanfic ||Hiatus for a while||

Married To A Jerk?! Mark Tuan fanfic ||Hiatus for a while||

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Mina By MarkTuan-- Updated Aug 26

If you expect a perfect book without grammar and confusion,I suggest not to read this book cuz my grammar are ermm hahaha

"What!?!! No appa I dont want to marry that Jerk"
"He's not a jerk. He is your soon-to-be husband!" my dad said to me
"What Ma I dont wanna marry that Nerd she's like a loner in my school! My cool image will be ruind
ed! T.T"
"No son.This is it. She will be your-soon-to-be wife"

Forgot to put a warning ....
WARNING: you may be confuse about this story....well i cant explain cuz me myself confuse about this story
sorry for the people who confuse abot this story (lmao whut am I writing rn)

Yoon Bomi as you
Mark Tuan as Mark Tuan
got7 as them selves


Start: 18/09/15

[Hiatus for a while]

MikaLJK MikaLJK Apr 20
Author-nim is human too. Everyone does mistakes. I don't even recognize them xD
SparklingLimoncello SparklingLimoncello Aug 05, 2016
Yes! I love this! You're doing grate so voting we all hve gramer mistake lol we Asian blood keep working on it
Ars_LittleStowy2379 Ars_LittleStowy2379 Apr 05, 2016
SUGAAAA OR VERNON OR JOSHUAAA...ok i shut up and read
AngellBeats AngellBeats Nov 22, 2015
Vernon!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
YoonLoveBomi YoonLoveBomi Nov 14, 2015
my bias in sebmventeen is ningyu but there isn't mingyu so i vote for ss.coupe