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Foxfire ( Civil War) undergoing reconstruction

Foxfire ( Civil War) undergoing reconstruction

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Ugo-Peter By achilles22 Updated Mar 19

In a world where the magical ability of a blood-sigil allows Men to manipulate the power of gods, the lines between heroes and villains are blurred. Sixteen year-old Drake is chosen by the College of Mystics to become the next Shade, a peacekeeper, responsible for maintaining the balance between all factions of magic.

 As he begins to train with the Scholars he discovers that their motives are less than pure. With the mantle of leadership resting on his shoulders, Drake soon finds himself swimming in turbulent waters. Hostility is growing between two factions, spurred by those who believe themselves purebloods, and Drake must choose where his loyalties lie.

Meanwhile, after their success in eliminating his predecessor, the Dragon cult is determined to have their war. Once again, the dreaded assassin, Shadowstealer, stalks the night again. Bonded to the malevolent Darkness, the assassin has never been so powerful, and this time, Drake might prove less of a challenge to her than his predecessor.

AbramSanders AbramSanders Mar 16, 2016
This seems to contradict the reason you gave for his service at the conclusion if the last book
Hegazi Hegazi May 04, 2016
It's a blood disease? I thought it was weak bones. Decide on one or explain please.
RichardMcnelly RichardMcnelly Dec 14, 2015
An ingot of steel is very different from that of iron and in my experience what the scholar used on the the iron would not turn steel to gold...
iamShax iamShax Sep 28, 2015
Staaahp it Drake! Your cockiness is really getting annoying (especially when you're gonna lose).
JL_Otaku JL_Otaku Sep 26, 2015
*Sigh* The main reason he's going to lose this fight is because he's too focused on fighting a girl instead of fighting a cunning opponent most likely will use that pride to her advantage. Moron.
YasminTolentinoSemil YasminTolentinoSemil Sep 19, 2015
Shadowstealer looks beautiful...just like imagined her to be in foxfire...