The Alpha's Mate

The Alpha's Mate

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Wolf By _wayward_ Updated Mar 15, 2018

I know what your thinking, I'm just a womanizer and I have no emotional conscious but your wrong. Im gonna be alpha soon and that also means I'm going to be tied down so why not live life to the fullest right now and take advantage of my free time while I got it? 

Which means fuck any girls who are willing, even if I have a girlfriend. She doesn't care anyway as long as we have this popular girlfriend and boyfriend tittle going around in school. 

Meet Toby, Wes and Juliana who 
 were brought together as children and obsessed with one another. The parents thought it was weird, they didn't understand the bond that the boys had with her
 not until they were all grown up and it was too late.

The Alphas Mate.