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The Spying Game

The Spying Game

18.5K Reads 329 Votes 12 Part Story
Cat Winchester By CatWinchester Completed

Redeeming Lucas North. Now working freelance, Lucas is tasked with stealing samples from a research lab but he has no idea how big an impact that one mission will have on his life. Veronica Winters is a microbiologist working at the research lab and the enigmatic Lucas both frightens and fascinates her. Somehow the encounter leaves these two lonely souls connected and although they both know they should stay away from each other, neither is able to.

  • armitage
  • bateman
  • batemen
  • dealer
  • drug
  • drugs
  • harry
  • john
  • lucas
  • mi-5
  • mi5
  • moving
  • mulligan
  • north
  • pearce
  • pierce
  • richard
  • richjard
  • spooke
  • spooks
  • spys
  • veronica
  • winters