When Love Awakens

When Love Awakens

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KᗩᗯᗩII ᒪOᖇI By PokemonDesu Updated Jun 23, 2016

When Ash finally became the Kalos League Champion, Serena has finally decided to tell him how she feels. But the confession was cut short by a call from Professor Oak.

The gang was told that a legendary Pokémon had escaped to another world- a world where Pokémon doesn't exist. Ash was given the mission to stop the legendary Pokémon from destruction and Serena was determined to go with him. They have to start the mission by going to an highschool in the other world called Pokémon High.

Join Ash and Serena on their adventure in another world filled with laughter, drama, and of course- love!

Of course he had no idea what it meant he's so dense even the densest rocks are jealous
Oh wow, we're going way back, way, way, back My girl May's debut
                              The grandfather of
                              And master cock blocker, did you know he cock blocked May and Dawn's confession
Professor be AWARE AND SMART!!! Tell ash that Serena loves him!!!
CrissyCrystal CrissyCrystal Dec 22, 2016
My reaction when i hear:
                              JHON CENA!!!! *the music starts*
vuminh77 vuminh77 Dec 31, 2016
Does Ash have feelings for Serena or he just wanna hug everybody?