The Final Endgame.

The Final Endgame.

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Rachel Short By TiNyDiAmOnD101 Completed

Alianna Winter has returned to London. Her time is up. Her worst fears have been realized-she is a threat, and Stephenson needs her out of the way. Mysteries and puzzle solving are useless to her now; all she can do is try and stay ahead of the game, for her friends' sakes if nobody else. She knows she can't run forever, and that now is the time to stand her ground. Her loves, her friendships, and her life is on the line, as she's playing The Final Endgame.

-The tenth book in the Alianna Winter series.
Her earlier cases:
1.Death At Scarlet Leaf
2.The Merryweather Jewel Thefts
3.A House On The Hill
4.Murder Is At Hand
5.The Incident Concerning The Alsatian Dog
6.At The Plaza Majestic
7.Madame Juror
8.A Murder Shall Commence
9.The Impossible Poisoning

The Toby Smart Spin-offs:
What Makes A Detective
What Breaks A Detective

jaypvie jaypvie Sep 17, 2016
Huh. Not Hettie then? Ehh... I'll find out soon enough, I guess.
cleighr7 cleighr7 Jul 12, 2016
I keep getting the feeling it's newham but I can't be sure.. Love the books, hate to see the series end D:
captain-barnes captain-barnes Jul 11, 2016
a small part of me thinks its fisher.. remember when newham said "how did a london street rat get a job as an inspector" (somewhere along those lines) im thinking maybe old man stephenson help him get that job
TheTeaPreacher TheTeaPreacher Jul 13, 2016
I wonder if she realizes that Stephenson probably WOULDN'T have Dr. Scott killed because he can use the threat of danger to draw her back to London
addisonsydb addisonsydb Feb 26, 2016
"For all I know, we could have been abducted by our cabbie and on our way to Scotland..."
whitegirl71 whitegirl71 Oct 21, 2016
Please please please tell me they weren't standing too close to the building .....*slowly scrolls to next chapter*