A Veela and his Neko

A Veela and his Neko

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the_cookie_thief By the_cookie_thief Updated Nov 10, 2016

The trywizard trials have just ended. You'd think Harry would be relieved. But what if he isn't?
Find out what happens when his true feelings come out and his inheritance comes in.

Draco's inheritance just came in and he needs to know who his mate is. But what'll happen when he finds out?

Read to see :3

- - May 01, 2016
Mmm hmm
                               I guess that's what they're calling snogging now :3
Ar_adia Ar_adia Apr 16, 2016
I'm pretty sure you meant *Malfoy
                              But I'm just ocd so don't be offended plz
Gamergirl374 Gamergirl374 Jun 12, 2016
If you painted that picture it is really good. Everytime I try to paint it turns out all wrong.
thatcrzyfangirl thatcrzyfangirl Aug 12, 2016
I know it's 2:00 in the morning and I sound dumb but thanks for writing this there are not enough story's with serious mental illness or sef hárm in them I love you for this
Storm1001 Storm1001 Oct 10, 2016
Malfoy this is just cruel *eats popcorn* I'd like to see how this plays out
malfoyis malfoyis Sep 27, 2015
Please update, this is AH MAY ZIN GGzgggGgfgg