A Hunter's Fairy Tail.

A Hunter's Fairy Tail.

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Iamtheweird_ABY By Weird_PizzABY Updated Jan 01

Netero, the President of the Hunter Association, said to two young boys;

"I'm sending you two on a mission to make an alliance with all the groups of this new continent we have discovered."

Woah! What a great opportunity! What did the two boys say?

"Whaaat? You're giving us work, jiji?"

"I don't want to leave Aunt Mito and Grandma alone though..."

Netero sighed.

"You'll get paid. Killua, you will have enough money to give Candy Stores a run for their money with the reward. And Gon, Aunt Mito and your Grandmother will be under the protection of the Hunter Association."

Both boys perked up at this.

They said at the same time.

"Great! Killua, Gon, you're heading to Fiore."

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Luna9911 Luna9911 Aug 08
KILLUA! When do we also see Kurapika? My favorite hunter X hunter character is a tie between Killua and Kurapika.
The pyro of course.....
                              Natsu: WHO YA CALLING PYRO, KILLER?!
Killua kun you need to carry gon kun all the way princesses stile ❤💗💗❤💗🌸🌸💐💐🌼🌼👬👬👬👬👬👬👬👬👬👬👬
Natsu calls Lucy Luce and happy calls her lushe... so I guess it depends on who says it. Tho most people call Lucy Lucy so yeah maybe Lucy
At least he didn't give away last names, right? He's too innocent 😇
"Do fairies have tails? More than that, do fairies even exist? Nobody knows for sure. So this guild is like them, An eternal mystery, An eternal adventure." ~~~Mavis Vermilion