Snow [Unfinished]

Snow [Unfinished]

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Nikkie By DolphinQueen175 Updated Dec 11, 2015

Join Crystal Lynn, in an very action packed episode of her life.

After she had found Snow, her fox spirit, she was destined. 
But there are a few bricks in her way, before she finds out.

After her sisters kidnapping, she finds that her Mate is the Alpha of the Silver Moon pack.
And after just starting to grow on him, she learns that there is a threat that is to force her to grow up,
Really quickly.

  • action
  • fiction
  • fox
  • humor
  • romance
  • shifter
  • werefox
  • werewolf
I watched ep12 of season 1 but thts becuz i couldn't find the beginning of the 1st season and its not on netflix
Ok nikkie 
                              Btw this book sound really cool
                              But you might want to improve on your preview writing skills
I could see this story is not going to be cliche already...YAY!
so all the girls just got chunks out of their necks like whoop natural
It's all called Vulpix. There is a poison for werefoxes called Vulpix.
KatHale1967 KatHale1967 Dec 01, 2016
* infomercial voice over guy* introducing the new spray that everyone needs!! FOX-OFF!! * shows spray can that has a fox with crossed out eyes*  it's the new spray that will get rid of all orange or red mischief makers!!