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I Had Enough (a neglected Naruto fanfic)

I Had Enough (a neglected Naruto fanfic)

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Shinigami By DarkYashuro Updated Feb 19

Hahaha, why did it lead to this? Why did it hurt so much? A world filled with emotion, joy and mystery held another mystery. A tale of a boy whose life is a living nightmare. He held the memories of a devil and the eyes of a cat. One day, after another hell, he gave up and will not hold back.

Kick there ass
                              Sorry i was watching a fight scene 
                              I hyped up
TriggeredKitsuneFoxz TriggeredKitsuneFoxz Dec 18, 2016
(I'm British, how old is 6th grade?)
                              But holy god the kids have better grammar than the adults! I should know, since I'm only 12!
Snowy_Winter14 Snowy_Winter14 Dec 18, 2016
Indeed. What great comparison, they don't even know that an Uchiha was controlling the Kyuubi.
TheFreezingBlaze TheFreezingBlaze Dec 29, 2016
I mean it so obvious. Its in every neglected Naruto fanfic in existence
LifeKicks LifeKicks Jan 15
😢Naru that's so sad  I'm crying RN I just wanna hold you and make all your pain go away 
                              Look at what these ungrateful villagers did to my baby😪let's kill them 🙃🔪 I already have some forms of torture in mind
TheButterflySlave TheButterflySlave Jul 06, 2016
I've seen adults who have worse grammar than you. Props to you!