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Wanderlust (BoyxBoy) {Book 1}

Wanderlust (BoyxBoy) {Book 1}

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Suspicious_Minds By Suspicious_Minds Completed

Jason is forced to move to a new town to be closer to his mom's job. He hates the idea of leaving his friends and childhood home behind, but he'll do anything to make his mom happy. Jason's new house is in the middle of a lonely forest with only one neighbor close by. 

Jason's mom then forces him to meet the new neighbors so he reluctantly follows along. He thinks it's a waste of time but quickly changes his mind when he sees him..


Jason quickly becomes fascinated with Lorenzo. Lorenzo is very mysterious in and outside of school. He has a bad boy reputation that makes everybody like him. Jason soon befriends Lorenzo and learns all the secrets and mysteries behind the handsome bad boy. 

One being..he's a vampire.

Note: This was my first story so it might have some errors. I'm trying my best to fix the mistakes so just a quick warning and thank you for reading x

Unlike me who just happened to look like and deranged caveman and skinned alpaca wool had a baby.... ME
If i were gay it would be awful having parents who wouldn't except me for it... I wouldn't except them as human beings and I would run away
JimenaVeliz JimenaVeliz 5 days ago
Once he said high pitched i though ' louis from family guy ' 😂😂😂
Wish I could wake up looking like the masterpiece created if brad Pitt and a Victoria secret model had a baby
unhoelybizzle unhoelybizzle 7 days ago
My mom does this everytime we leave the border of our state.
Good, now you getting accustomed to your new life style with your male vampire lover won't be so bad 🤗