Inky ☪Hunter X Hunter|HxH|Killua X OC| Kurapika x OC | FanFiction☪

Inky ☪Hunter X Hunter|HxH|Killua X OC| Kurapika x OC | FanFiction☪

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Finixx By TheInfinityOfMaybe Updated Jul 07

♡1ST in Hunter X Hunter Wattys |Killua|♡
cover credits to me~!

Work, Sleep, Repeat; This was the life of the super computer program [Artificial Guide to Every Lawyer and Agent in Service]. Short form [Agelas], it was used by the phantom troupe and the Zoldyck family for generations. 

No one ever attempted to "download" or "print" out the program, until the latest update arrived, officially giving the program a host body, making [it] a [her]. 

Our story starts the day one geeky and pervy Zoldyack attempts the impossible; 
Can a 2D girl truly become 3D?

☠Her world used to be black and white. Now, it's just... Inky☠

Its a shame that they have billions of dollars but can't afford to buy a color printer😔Smh
asunasao2 asunasao2 Aug 03
This is amazing XD!!!
                              his parents be like stop farting in your room miluki.
vvip4life vvip4life Jul 06
It's been confirmed. America didn't bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki it was actually Milluki with some bad gas.
No. Nutella-chan. This is the moment, were Killua's sêx fantasy came true. @nutella-chan
yepheral yepheral Jul 21
eh I don't trust you so I'm going to STAB you--no hard feelings
These little signs interest me.....Am I the only one? I'll name it Roxy!