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Fairy of Life and Death (One Piece Fanfiction)

Fairy of Life and Death (One Piece Fanfiction)

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Screen Savior By lollyeater34 Completed

Devil fruits are fruits that give mysterious powers to anyone who eats them, and where do they come from devil trees. There are many devil trees but there's one special devil tree that has bore no fruit in the history of one piece... the Juka Juka tree or the time tree.

The reason is that you need to awaken the Juka Juka tree and the only instructions to wake it up is on a poneglyph, at the bottom of the sea.

This tree bares the shi shi no mi (the death fruit) and the seika seika no mi (the life fruit), if you possess both then you will die, unless you are the next ruler of One Piece.

Naomi Tosei is kind hearted girl who never once sinned, one day in the west blue she accidentally awakens the Juka Juka tree. She unknowingly ate BOTH of the fruits it bore, the only one EVER that could even imagine it, and is now a wanted person. 

Now the only question left is what she will do with that kind of power...

AngelAnimeLoverDesu AngelAnimeLoverDesu Nov 16, 2016
I love it!From the introduction to the prologue,I can read it with no problem!because sometimes,when I read stories from wattpad,I can't understand the gramar nor the whole story.
Eunikku Eunikku Aug 28, 2016
I think she said this as "Umedatou kuso yarou. Shi to Inochi no Yosei o mezamemashita" in a super cutely way but have poison laced to those words. (Btw that is just my translation. English to Japanese. I'm not that fluent to that language so....-)
kiwi_smileXD kiwi_smileXD Nov 27, 2015
Kya kick butt! Hmmmm.. I wonder who's ship she'll be on... Relation wise and the literal thing <3