Bro x Reader Just a Number

Bro x Reader Just a Number

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   Today.. Fuck today, I was supposed to be off.. But nooooo.

   I sighed and continued walking down the street, looking down at a slip of paper with an address written on it, only because I got a phone call about some guy needing a baby sitter for his.. Er.. "Lil man."

   Stopping at the address and letting out a sigh I mumbled "seems to be the place.." I warped my knuckles, and knocked on the door "bwo!!!!" "I know, I herd it, calm down." A man said with a Texas accent, damn.. Dat voice was deep AF.

  The door flew open to reveal a ho- I mean good looking male, with blond hair, sweet anime shades and a white pollo shirt which did his muscular form justice.

  He cleared his throat "you the sitter?" I snapped out of my gaze and nodded "hu- oh um yeah!" He smirked and nodded upwards "sup, they call me bro." A little boy ran up to him and hid behind his leg, making the elder sigh "and this is Dave, the lil man.. Say hey."
Dave waved.

  Why do they wear shades?

   I mentally shrugge...

LordeToast LordeToast Jul 08
My sister was looking for memes when I read this sentence, and I was like: FOUND ONE!
Yknow just your average everyday casual kidnapping thoughts lol
Aww...the lil apple sleeps and being cute. DAMN BRO take me to dinner first. Jeez.
I like to think Bro's real name is Bronden. HIs mother couldn't talk properly and it sounded like Broden to the doctors.
MyDreadful MyDreadful Jun 19
Im litterally the actual dave strider. I look like him i love apple juice. I have turntables i wear red shirts all day. Im always wearing shades of sorts and i know what apple juice roulette is.......oh and i have 4 older brothers...