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The Human Mate

The Human Mate

1.1M Reads 29K Votes 30 Part Story
A. J. Holguin By shorty_10313 Completed

Rochelle has moved multiple times after her mother's passing due to her father's suffering of his loss. After finding a new job in the city of Black Forest, Colorado, Rocky has yet to endure another new school, new town, new life. But something about this town seems a little bit different. The people at her school speak in a different manner and they all seem to have this aura that makes it seem as if they are different themselves. Inhuman. As Rocky is pulled into a mystical world of werewolves, she never once dreamed of finding out that she is not only the mate of a werewolf, she is the mate of the soon to be Alpha.

Copyright © 2013 | All Rights Reserved | A. J. Holguin

BlackCorbs BlackCorbs Nov 26, 2016
No matter if you 250 pounds or 95 pounds you should be happy with yourself..
LASHTON_darniseFL LASHTON_darniseFL Nov 22, 2016
*stealthily throws piece of steak out the window* 
                              "Come on, fluff ball, follow the steak." 
                              Parents: "Who are you talking to?"
                              "HUH? No one...."
HarryPotterFanz HarryPotterFanz Nov 29, 2016
Ya I've never had a boyfriend either. Boys just don't look at me like that because I wear a hijab and am muslim😭 Although a lot of other girls tell me that I'm really pretty😄
Wait...... You couldn't dress properly at age ten, dude I learned at age six
TheOwlandTrident TheOwlandTrident Dec 27, 2016
That's nothing...
                              My dad poured aftershave all over my hair to wake me up...
maaraenaoconnor maaraenaoconnor Dec 24, 2016
all u did was stick ur head out of a window of a MOVING car. u haven't even entered the town yet... eesshh girl ur just crazy p