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Time stilled. Everything moved in slow motion and my brain needed time to keep up.

Time I didn't have.

"I've got your friend," The gunwoman announced through the silence, "Come out!"

She had an iron grip on my arm so I couldn't escape. I couldn't even move. I was too afraid.

"Come out or I shoot her!" The gunwoman yelled, and she fired three bullets at the floor to make her statement.

I flinched from the noise, it popped my eardrums.

My mind wouldn't shut up, my deepest fears were eating me alive. Death was coming.

And if not me, then someone else.


What would you do if your school was in Lockdown: Code Black?

Anya Jay has never stopped to ask herself that question. There was no way that would ever, ever happen in her school. Where everyone was kind and peaceful and the last thing on anyone's mind was a school shooting.

On November 2nd, Bedford High School experienced it's first real lockdown. Nobody can escape. The school is divided.

And only a handful of students make it out alive.

ForgivenPasts ForgivenPasts Jul 24, 2016
I live in Utah as well . . .
                              "And no one really cares about Utah." Chloe muttered under her breath.
                              Screw you, Chloe. Utah is awesome >:3
Suzetteluvs Suzetteluvs Oct 31, 2016
And thats when I would have raised my hand and told him not to jinx us and not to compare us cause today was not my time to bounce up out of the world, so next sunjecy
DiamondAdams6 DiamondAdams6 Feb 15, 2016
Bedford.. Really is a small town . At least the one in Virginia where I am.  And I love how you mentioned something about the Bedford boys. (Could of read it wrong haha)  but I love how you actually captured Bedford . You may not speaking up this one but. It was awsome!