Ghost to no one but him

Ghost to no one but him

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#I❤️KakashiHatake!! By narutoninja14 Updated Jan 25, 2016

"Who are you?"
"Huh?!, m-me?" Then the sudden realisation hit me. "W-w-wait... Y-y-you!"

That was when everything changed for me... That moment was when my life changed for good.... That chance was one in a million.... That one chance for people to notice me... Was finally different.. All because of that one man... The man who changed my life for good.

Daisuke,  a 16 year old ghost. She's a 'ghost' because no one in the leaf notices her. She's basically invisible to everyone isn't the village, but what is happens when This young nervous girl catches the eye of the cop cat ninja. Will she be able to trust others with his help? Will she open up and let him in on things no one knows? Will he reduce her from her issues and save her from those who are out to get her? Will he help her open up and make new connections? Or will she close herself in even more? Will they lose things that are important to them? Will daisuke be able to cope with what happens? Will he be able to help her with her challenges? Will daisuke be trapped in her own world for the rest of her life or will she be the 'ghost to no one but him'?

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Dragonwarrior104 Dragonwarrior104 Sep 22, 2015
OOH the Adrenalin running through me! Love'en it! >_o *Wink*
Dragonwarrior104 Dragonwarrior104 Sep 22, 2015
I just love the shock that rushes through me when I'm reading in her repressions, it's liked I got the fright. LOVE IT!
Megan16colgrave Megan16colgrave Sep 21, 2015
Please update soon it's off to a good start! :-D 
                              But then again I love all your books!