Percy Jackson, Guardian Of The Hunt

Percy Jackson, Guardian Of The Hunt

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Annabeth had finally found someone that knew what they were doing. She had always known she could do better than the gods. It was a fatal flaw of course, but she refused to work with Luke. Everyone knew the son of Poseidon would win, but not everyone knew the son of Hermes and the son of Poseidon liked each other. So when Luke had taken his own life, the boy was so broken Annabeth simply tip-toed her way in. It was of course one of the easiest things Annabeth had done, and when her mistress had offered her the deal, she took it and didn't look back.

When falling into Tartarus for Annabeth her ambitions shone through. Leaving Percy in Tartarus, he gets tortured, losing his memory of the closest people and things around him. He remembers only of the betrayal of Annabeth and few memories of a mysterious blonde named... Jason. He was broken, lost, and had no idea what was going on. He went to the gods hoping they would end his misery, instead they offered a deal. What would happen if Percy agreed?

Co-Writer: @oceanus-lycaon

Gay Ships. (Obviously) Gay (LGBT+) is Okay. You have a problem? Shove a Rainbow up your ass, bitch.


But I'm pretty sure that the title of this chapter is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN MEANING to the actual quote.
Why on earth does everything have to dominate on gay couples its revolting.not meant to offend anyone in particular sorry if it does.just my opinion
Demon_ruler Demon_ruler May 25
You poor boy, you really do have a thing for evil blondes don't you?
BeansShadow BeansShadow Sep 08
I love the shove a rainbow up your ass thing . tbh its great
How come there are no comments for this! Oh Well, I like how this is going so far! I love it💙 I gasped when I saw the title of the chapter because Real Friends stab you in the front is a quote from Oscar Wilde so Yaaa!! AMAZHANG😆