Living With Mr. Badboy

Living With Mr. Badboy

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"You cant scare me like that!" Austin shouted with a sudden burst of anger. I flinched and instantly wretched my hand from his grip. 

"I-I didn't mean t-to." I forced the words out of my mouth. Its not like it wasn't true, i didn't plan this!

"Well it still fucking happened!" Austin yelled he looked up from his previous position, then he looked down at my terrified eyes. 

Austin sighed and took a step back, he ran one hand through his thick black hair. He suddenly slammed the passenger door before walking over to the drivers side. Austin roughly ripped the door open and got in smoothly. 

I glanced at him, he was staring at me.

Melissa is a average teenage girl. She just wants to live through highschool.
Her parents are going away on a ten week trip to Germany.
While her parents  are gone she will stay with her parents  close friends the Butchers.
The Butchers have a son, Austin.
He is the schools Badboy, player, and captained of the boys soccer team.
When Melissa goes to stay with them, will her an Austin get along? Maybe even fall in love...
Or will they fight, and hate each other? 
Read to find out...

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mas203 mas203 Nov 24, 2015
@marlina2valles yes I am. Thank you for commenting  I promise to have at least two more updates before Christmas