King of Vampires and his sex slave.

King of Vampires and his sex slave.

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CookieMonster153049 By CookieMonster153049 Updated Sep 04, 2015

Note: This is rated M for mature! Rated R! Not for young audiences. There is rape, sex scenes, very vulgar! But there is romance. Enjoy.

Elizabeth, void of any emotion is 16. From her childhood, she was raised very strictly and was beaten every time she did something her parents did not like. But as she grew older, she was the perfect child, student, and wife.

Her family are close friends to the royal Vampire family. Though they were humans and lived in two different realms, they always remained close. Prince Bastian was to marry Elizabeth Keith, but as they grew older, he denied her.

He rejected the fact he had to marry a human, no matter how close they were as children. Though forced to live with him now, and engaged for image, he could care less about her. He'd beat her if she did something wrong and out of lines.

Elizabeth did not care, she was numb and forever sealed off her heart. But will that change? Or will the emotionless, scarred child that are in both of their hearts, make them forever miserable?

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KalleeWalton KalleeWalton Jun 04, 2017
You changed what person you were writing in.. You started with I but then changed to she
AlannaList291 AlannaList291 Jan 29, 2015
Am I the only one who would have been like don't touch me and then bit or slap him
CookieMonster153049 CookieMonster153049 Dec 31, 2014
That she should know how to please the one she is with, regardless of how she feels.
hannuhhhxxx6 hannuhhhxxx6 Jun 22, 2014
It just said "she cried out. Not once did she cry out." ??? Lol