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Leonidas is a cold, domineering Alpha that lets no one stand in his way. 

Eleanor is a plain she-wolf living in a pack that treats women as servants.

Leonidas is stuck in his pride, Eleanor is stuck in a hell impossible to escape. 

Will they survive as mates?

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JesseTheMysticalWolf JesseTheMysticalWolf Oct 18, 2017
Damn I wouldn't be able to live like that as one of the males. That ain't right, I'd be a lone wolf for life.
francast francast Nov 26, 2017
Cleaning a house that gets cleaned everyday, does not wear you out. There are no children underfoot that make a mess or need attention. Plus there are two: mother and daughter. Plus the father takes no time for an extensive inspection and he is out of the house all day.
Edzlhen-stabs Edzlhen-stabs Nov 04, 2017
I hope she doesn't get punished for not completing her chores...
jessiejam3s jessiejam3s Oct 31, 2017
He basically worked and beat his wife to exhaustion ): Terrible.
Edzlhen-stabs Edzlhen-stabs Nov 04, 2017
Man this book is maki g me mad I almost threw my pho e across the room